Center City DIGEST reports on Philly's transportation systems and how many people are choosing to live closer to Center City; if they work in Center City and can afford it. You'll learn how the transportation system plays a intricate role in getting to work within 30 minutes. The real estate boom happening in Philly can be directly tied to the communities closest to Center City and consequently real estate sales have increased significantly in these communities.

Also note, that many jobs are located outside Center City in the suburbs (King of Prussia) of which the transportation system supports and will be the cause for the system to possibly be expanded in coming years.

If you are new to the area, the report will give you a great snapshot of several communities located close to Center City.  If you were born and raised in Philly, the report will reinforce how your City is changing.

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Click this link to read report:  CCR16_transportation.pdfCCR16_transportation.pdfCCR16_transportation.pdf